Support to UNICEF and IOM to help people affected by climate disasters

UNICEF and the International Organization for Migration will both receive EUR 275,000, which means the Foundation has now donated the full amount of EUR 1 million received from the Gulbenkian Foundation.

Greta was awarded the Gulbenkian Prize for Humanity in 2020, along with a donation of EUR 1 million to the Greta Thunberg Foundation. The Foundation has recently decided to donate EUR 275,000 to UNICEF and the International Organization for Migration, respectively. This means that the full amount of EUR 1 million has been donated to twelve different organisations working for a just and sustainable world, in line with the Foundation’s mission.

UNICEF is receiving a donation worth EUR 275,000 to support their work to tackle the global malnutrition crisis. The donation will help children get access to food, clean water, health care and sanitation in areas affected by climate-driven extreme weather, conflict, and rising food prices, especially in the Horn of Africa and in Pakistan.

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) will equally receive EUR 275,000 for their work supporting the needs of people displaced by climate-driven extreme weather, especially in Pakistan and Somalia. In Pakistan, IOM aims to reach over 1.3 million persons affected by the catastrophic floods. In Somalia, IOM has reached over 400,000 people displaced internally by the historic drought caused by four consecutive failed rainy seasons.

“We are in a global emergency which affects all of us, but everyone is not suffering its consequences equally. Those who have contributed the least are being disproportionately hit by the climate crisis, including people in the Horn of Africa and Pakistan. I hope this donation can highlight the inequity that lies at the heart of the climate crisis and support the important work of UNICEF and IOM, providing relief to children, displaced people and other most affected groups”, said Greta Thunberg.

“This donation is in line with the Foundation’s mission to take a holistic approach to the ongoing sustainability crisis, showing how ecological, climatic and social justice are deeply interlinked. The donation will foremost support the important work of UNICEF and IOM on the ground, while also helping to highlight how marginalised groups – like children and displaced people in the Global South – are bearing the brunt of the climate crisis and therefore more often should be given centre stage in the debate”, said Lina Burnelius, chair of the Greta Thunberg Foundation’s board.

The Gulbenkian donation has allowed the Greta Thunberg Foundation to support the work of the following organisations:

SOS Amazonia campaign: EUR 100,000 (July 2020) Stop Ecocide Foundation: EUR 100,000 (July 2020) ActionAid India: EUR 25,000 (July 2020) ActionAid Bangladesh: EUR 25,000 (July 2020) BRAC, Bangladesh: EUR 25,000 (July 2020) Goonj, India: EUR 25,000 (July 2020) Eco-Sud, Mauritius: ~EUR 9,650 (August 2020) The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement: EUR 50,000 (September 2020) Solar Sister: EUR 50,000 (September 2020) Oil Change International: EUR 50,000 (September 2020) UNICEF: EUR 275,000 (September 2022) International Organization for Migration (IOM): EUR 275,000 (October 2022)

The total amount is slightly larger than EUR 1 million, as the IOM donation was also funded by other received donations and book royalties.

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